The CIRCUSWORKS troupe provide multi skilled entertainers. Including artisan clowns, jugglers, stiltwalkers, theme characters, mimes, medieval jesters, magicians and spectacular fire performers. We provide fun roving entertainment and stage shows for corporate events, festivals, fetes and children's parties.

The Clowns

All our clowns are skilled jugglers, actors and balloon sculptors.

  • clownsclowns
  • clownsclowns
  • clowns
  • clownsclowns

Funny Show

Classic street theatre daring do!! A nonstop clowning, magic and circus stage show, featuring Professor Stinky & Dr Stoopid, complete with backdrops and set to music with lashings of audience participation.

  • funny showFunny Show
  • funny show
  • funny showFunny Show
  • funny showFunny Show
  • funny showFunny Show
  • funny show


We have a variety of high impact comic stilt characters to suit your event.

  • stiltwalkersStiltwalkersAli & Baba
  • stiltwalkers<a href="#">Mekanoids
  • stiltwalkers<a href="#">Jesters
  • stiltwalkersJester
  • stiltwalkers<a href="#">Cowboys
  • stiltwalkers<a href="#">Cowgurls
  • stiltwalkersstiltwalkersElvis Twins
  • stiltwalkersHarlequin
  • stiltwalkersSuper & Tops
  • stiltwalkersMek Camel
  • stiltwalkersstiltwalkersRockers

Humorous Characters

Corporate Rats and Hunch Rats...Great for cocktail parties, Festivals, Expos, Conferences, Farewells.

Buffy & Croc...our two very intrepid friends from the Bush! ... Ideal for that Australian Show or maybe the family picnic!!

Off Your Face...a great stage show!

The Illuminati...mystical roving illuminated arabian lanterns.

  • humorousHumorous characterCorporate Rats
  • humorousHunch Rats
  • humorousHumorous characterBuffy
  • humorousHumorous characterCroc
  • humorousHumorous characterOff Ya Face
  • humorousHumorous characterRatty
  • humorousHumorous characterGiant
  • humorousHumorous characterEyeballs
  • humorousHumorous characterMr.Monkey
  • humorousHumorous characterCroc & Rats
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  • humoroushumorousUncle Norman
  • humorousHumorous characterIlluminati
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